About us

Our home delivery network specialises in offering an unrivalled quality and choice of fine food, bringing your own butcher & fishmonger into your home. 

 To offer the best service we operate daily from our modern coldstore in South Wales where each tray of Ocean food is individually handpacked & given the Ocean Quality Guarantee. 

Our History

Ocean is still a family run business whose rich food history is identified      by a passion for and a commitment to pioneering quality & service excellence.  


The first greengrocery was opened in 1980 and the first self service store in 1987.  Understanding the ever increasing demands on customers' time & the lack of genuine quality fish, meat & prepared foods on sale, Ocean was started so that customers' could enjoy first class food, ready to cook anytime from their freezer and all conveniently delivered to their door.


Since 2002 our delivery area has continued to expand as well as our menu yet we still operate with the same core family values as we strive to deliver unsurpassed quality & service every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Pay By Credit/Debit Card?

We accept all major credit/debit cards except American Express. 


How Often Do You Deliver To My Area?

We deliver daily from 10am to 10pm & our distributors' visit an area every 6-12 weeks.  If you wish to have a more or less frequent call then please let your distributor know what suits you & they'll do their best to ensure prompt delivery.  If you have an immediate request please call 01656 670 270 and we will do our very best to fulfill your order.


I Was/Will Be Out When You Called Can I Still Have My Order?

If you have missed your distributor or wish to change your call then either call your distributor direct or the office on 01656 670 270 and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.


Can I Have a Mixed Selection?

We pack each product individually so that there is no possibility of cross contamination from being packed with another product so that we can guarantee the flavour & freshness of each tray of Ocean food.


Can I Buy One Piece To Try?

Our customers tell us that offering value for money & a regular consistent service are their two most important criteria.  To deliver on both of these important criteria our pack sizes not only keep the portion price as low as possible but also ensure that you have enough of your favourite foods on hand until your distributor is next in your area.  Try us for quality with confidence, remember each tray is covered by the Ocean Quality Guarantee.