We pride ourselves on the consistent quality of our meats & poultry and we achieve this by building long term relationships with our butchers our own rigourous quality control. 


We don't bulk-buy peferring to maintain our high quality with weekly fresh-cut deliveries, delivered straight to you. 


All our steaks are individually portioned & vacuum sealed and like all our good food are backed by our Ocean Quality Guarantee so you can enjoy them with confidence.  Please ask if you don't see the cut you prefer & we will try to tailor to your individual requirements.

Beef Lamb Pork
Fillet Steak Lamb Steak Pork Steak
Sirloin Steak Minted Lamb Steak Tenderloin
Rib-eye Steak Rack of Lamb  Chinese & BBQ
Rump Steak   Orange & Basil
Peppered Sirloin Poultry  Gammon
  Boneless Chicken Breast   
  Chicken Goujons  
  British Duck Breast  

Butcher's Choice


Great British Burgers

Sausage Selection