Fine Fish

Check out our extensive range of fillets, steaks & smoked fish.

All our fish is air blast frozen and filleted for your convenience meaning no waste or added water and ready to cook from frozen.


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Fillets & Loins From the Smokery Steaks & Whole Fish
Cod Loins Kipper Fillets Whole Boned Trout
Haddock Fillets

Manx Kippers

Portugese Sardines
Hake Fillets Natural Smoked Haddock Skate Wings
Trout Fillets
Natural Smoked Mackerel Swordfish Steaks
Lemon Sole Fillets Natural Smoked Salmon Tuna Loin Steaks
Monkfish Fillets Whitebait
Plaice Fillets Halibut Steaks
Salmon Fillets Seabass Steaks
Pollock Fillets Tilapia Steaks
Mackerel Fillets
Red Mullet Fillets

 Seabass Fillets