Crab & Mussels

Dressed Crab

A Whole crab fully prepared for your convenience and presented in its shell.  100% crab meat (brown & white).




Cooking Guidelines:

No cooking required simply defrost overnight in the fridge & serve.

Whole Luxury Cooked Crab

Whole Irish cooked crab - simply defrost & treat as fresh.




Cooking Guidelines:

The crab has been already cooked for you, defrost overnight in the fridge & treat as fresh

Greenlipped Mussels

Finest Quality New-Zealand Greenlipped Mussels,

Selected for their Meaty Succulence.

Ready Cooked And In Half Shells.


Cooking Guidelines:

Ideal for stir frys and many seafood dishes. The mussels are already cooked but heat through under a hot grill, in a hot wok or oven until piping hot. Defrost Or Cook Straight From Frozen.

Cooked Crab Meat 50/50

Pure Irish Crab Meat from Carrick Co. Donegal, hand-picked & cooked fresh from the sea.  50/50 White & Brown Premium Crab Meat.



Cooking Guidelines:

This Product Is Already Cooked, No Cooking Is Required. Simply Defrost Overnight In Your Refrigerator, Then Remove Wrapping And Serve or add to Recipe.