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The team at Ocean is dedicated to sourcing the best foods from the UK and across the World and delivering what you want, when you want it.


Every product in our extensive range of sustainably sourced

Fish & Shellfish and Hand-Cut Meats is specially selected for quality and flavour so that you can be sure of success every time you cook with us.


And for when you'd like us to do the cooking for you you'll find our passion for fine food has helped us work closely with our suppliers to create our Gourmet Range, inspired by classic dishes from around the world & all ready to cook from frozen in around 20-40 minutes.

We've added to our fabulous range of fine foods - Succulent French Trimmed Racks of Lamb,

Brie & Beetroot Tart & our famous Chicken Capri - to name but a few...


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How to Cook The Perfect Steak

Juicy, Tender & Farm Fresh

All our steaks from our Fillet to our Ribeye are freshly hand-cut & selected for their superior flavour & tenderness.  Try our foolproof guide to Cooking The Perfect Steak today & enjoy our juicy steaks for yourself!

5 Steps to the Perfect Steak

Choice, Quality, Service & Value for Money

You'll find something for every meal and every occassion at our best prices guaranteed. 


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Gluten & Allergy Free

Vegetarian Heaven



We can help...

...our portion controlled plain fish, shellfish & meats are ideal for dieters & are ready to cook from frozen.


Avoid temptation with good food on hand & ready to eat in minutes.

The Ocean Pledge

We are committed to providing an unrivalled food service to our customers.  Our team work hard to ensure the quality and consistency of every product and as such we are happy to guarantee that. 

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New Dishes Available NOW!

Fancy a change? 

These delicious dishes have been specially selected for their quality and flavour and are sure to be the favourites of the future.

Oriental Spice Cakes

Chicken Capri      

Baby Racks of Lamb

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Recipe File

Enjoy our collection of kitchen-friendly recipes & easy meal ideas.

There is also a feedback form and we love to hear about your experiences with cooking and especially recipes you can recommend.


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